Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2022

In this article, we see the top 7 web development trends in 2022 before this article we are discussing more trending topics in technology like defense trends and others.

Technology is constantly evolving, as do developments in web development and technologies. We’ve come a long distance from Forton to the Elixir web development language, and we are expected to grow and evolve. As we grow over the years, we’ve upgraded our websites using various tools and techniques to stay technologically advanced and competitive in an ever-growing market.

There are a variety of new trends that are transforming web development standards. Where voices search and PWA were the norms in the past numerous other technologies and trends are dominating the world of web development in 2022.

Top 7 Web Development Trends in 2022

1) Serverless Architecture

While the cloud was still an infant in the year 2020 it will take over the IT world by 2022. Although cloud computing is a mix of different models and tools but the serverless architecture is among the tools which can help the web development industry most. The market for the serverless model has been 7.6 billion dollars in 2020 and is expected to reach 21.1 billion USD by 2025. Many of the top companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft use serverless architecture.

You’ll be able to relax about maintenance costs and data loss or malicious attacks, and many other issues with the use of the serverless model. Web developers can execute their code on the backend and for the frontend with no administration support. With the elimination of the need for physical architecture, you will also remove the need for upgrade management, system maintenance, and provisioning.

2) No-Code/Low-Code Development

Web developers across the world are embracing the concept of low-code or no codes web design. It allows them to accelerate the process of development without requiring constant coding practices. Even developers with little technical background can build an application for the web using no code or low programming tools.

Low code and no code tools come with ready-to-use web design templates, along with pre-built blocks of code that developers can use to build their mobile applications. Users can develop custom web-based applications using low code technology and tools. Many software development firms like Microsoft, Salesforce, Webflow, and Kissflow offer complete support for the development of low-code/no-code solutions.

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3) API-First Development

API development has been the last resort and is often neglected when we are focus is on the app and web development process. Since the primary objective was always to build the website, not to connect the web-based solution to the other applications. It is a common mistake to ignore the consumer need for code-first methods of development.

To address this issue web developers are to focus on an API-first approach to development. This helps them concentrate first on the needs of the client and feedback loops to develop the API prior to moving forward with other services. It allows them to determine whether they’ve created the correct API as well. You can use Swagger for API Blueprint technologies for API-first development.

4) AI/ML Implementation

It is possible to consider that artificial intelligence and machine learning have been with for a long time, but how do they come to become a new trend? It has been utilized by major players in the industry like Google, Alexa or Netflix but nowadays, even a tiny site owner can apply AI and machine-learning concepts to improve the user experience.

It is possible to use the AI-enabled analytics tool in order to examine customer behavior and develop revenue-generating marketing campaigns. You can offer AI-enabled customer assistance that allows your employees to do more productive tasks and assist your customers when they require it.

5) Adoption of Cybersecurity

In the technology industry that we are in, we have to deal with a lot of technology and information every minute. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 that has swept the globe, we are using remote work more than ever before. That being said that we cannot afford the endless downtime and data loss at any time. That’s why you must modify your cybersecurity in order to safeguard your company and customer data.

Web developers can be hired who can conduct vulnerability tests for your website development software to ensure that you are protected from any data compromise. They can assist you in install a firewall to safeguard your data and avoid leaks of information. It is possible to increase security by using two-way authentication and implement every measure to ensure your cyber security.

6) Motion UI Design

What motivates people to engage in things that keep them wanting to find out more? It is possible to leverage this human tendency to attract your audience. Employ web designers to assist you with your website with the Motion UI design. It doesn’t offer all of the information at once, but it ensures that users are engaged with your site by providing a visually pleasing design for your website.

Motion design guides users to follow the next step you wish them to go to using a variety of visual cues as well as calls to action that give users with a fluid and pleasant user experience. A top web development firm in Canada will also assist you leverage animations that will guide them towards the right direction and keep them on your site even during load time of your website.

7) WebAssembly

One of the reasons that could be considered a flaw within JavaScript creation could be the fact that it can affect the user experience by causing high-speed calculations. This makes web-based application solutions slow. Therefore, various web apps provide native experiences only to improve users’ experiences.

The introduction of Web Assembly made it simpler for web development companies located in Toronto to provide the native-like performance of various web applications. Employ web developers from Canada to create your web app development solution in their preferred language of coding and then convert them into code bytecode.

As WebAssembly performs faster than Java scripts, it enhances user experience, by offering the same performance across the web, without any additional development costs. It manages the execution process within browsers such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and many other browsers. It aids the development of websites with development in Toronto, Canada providing the most efficient support for music apps games online video or image editors, as well as interactive educational apps development.


Web design and development Toronto, Canada requires your websites to stay current with numerous trends and technology to ensure a consistent user experience and connect with the right audience. It is possible to hire professional developers from Canada who can assist you to develop a high-quality web application solution that meets your specifications.

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